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Designed by Karen-Lou

Materials used in KLKE Jewelry

African Stone Gemstone
Ametrine Gemstone
Combination of amethyst and citrine
Amazonite Gemstone (yellow-green to blue-green) semi-opaque texture
named after the Amazon river sometimes called “Amazone Stone”
Aquamarine Precious Gemstone
Cinnabar Crystal (Reddish to Purple)
Chrysoprase Gemstone (Green Apple to Darker Green)
Coral (Red/Green/Orange)
Cornelian Semi Precious Gemstone (Reddish Brown)
Craked Crystal Crystal
Jade Semi Precious (Green/Purple)
Most prized of all gems in ancient China
Jasper Semi Precious (Lemon/Lepard/Maple/Ocean)
Lapis Semi Precious (Blue)
Lava (Black) Organic
Onyx Semi Precious (Black)
Opal (African/Peruvian) Semi precious gemstone (variety of colors)
Pearls Fresh water variety of colors (ex: white/pink/black) in various shapes and sizes. Considered “organic gemstone”
Quartz Rutilated Quartz is considered semi precious gemstone
Golden Strawberry, Pink, Smokey are normal gemstone
One of the most popular gems on Earth
River Stone Sodalite Gemstone (Light to Dark Blue)
Tigers Eye Semi-Precious Gemstone (Golden Brown)
Mostly from South Africa
used for 9th wedding anniversary
Topaz Precious Gemstone
(Can be Blue or Yellow but more commonly it is colorless)
(translucent to transparent luster)
Turquoise Semi Precious Gemstone
(Blue, Blue Green, Green, Green Gray, Light Blue) White) (Waxy luster)

Other Materials Used

  • Copper Wire
  • Cow bone
  • Ebony
  • 14ct solid Gold
  • Gold plated (closures)
  • Pewter, lead free
  • Sterling Silver (Beads, Clasps, spacers, wire, etc.)
  • Swarovski Crystal
    (Variety of Colors, shapes, sizes)
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